Our Rich History in the UAE

Sharjah Airport – (1996)
(2 Nos.) Jet Fuel 209,000 IG Tanks Size: 10.60 Mtr. Ø x 10.60 Mtr. Ht.

Dubai Airport Fuel Farm (Phase I – 1997)

(4 Nos.) Jet Fuel 3,500 BBL Tanks  Size: 22.25 Ø x 14.63 Ht. & (1 No.)  Refuel Storage Tank

Fujairah Airport Expansion – (2002)

(1 No.) Aviation Jet Fuel Tank API-650 Size 10 Mtr. Ø x 10 Mtr. Ht.

Dubai Airport Fuel Farm Expansion (Phase II – 2004)

(4 Nos.) Truss Supported Fixed Cone Roof Tanks, 33M Ø x 14.6M Ht.

(1 No.) Truss Supported Fixed Cone Roof Tank, 17Mtrs. Ø x 11.6Mtrs. Ht. and

(1 No.) Refuel Storage Tank: 7Mtrs. Ø x 5.2Mtrs. Ht. including Floating Suctions

Dubai Al Maktoum International Airport (2017)

(5Nos.) Jet Fuel Tanks –  31m Dia. x 17.5m Ht. Upgrading of Fuel Facilities, retrofitting & refurbishment package included Mechanical, Piping, Electrical & Instrumentation, Civil & Structural Works


Design, Detail Engineering, Fabrication, Inspection, Erection/Installation, Testing, Painting, civil works, and Commissioning Of 8 NOS. FUEL STORAGE TANKS & ASSOCIATED PIPING

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