Dubai Energy from Waste Project – Air Cooled Condensers

Dubai Energy from Waste Project

•Supply, fabrication of steel structure for the Air Cooled Condenser.

•The structure comprises of nearly 2000 Tons of structural steel that will be pre-fabricated and transported to site. •Supply, fabrication of the low pressure steam ductwork connecting the turbine building and the ACC, along with distribution and bypass ducts.   The  steam  duct will  be  in  the  range  of  6.5  m  diameter  all down to 0.85 m in diameter.  The duct when assembled shall be just over 700 Tons.

•The preassembly of the fans, motors, coils and necessary ductworks

•to connect the ACC to the client’s steam turbine building.

•The  transportation  and  lifting  of  assembled  modules  into  final position.

•The project is in JV partnership with technology provider.

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