ELOMP – Lube oil and Grease Manufacturing Plant Phase I,II,III,IV

  • Base Oil Storage Tanks and Vessel, Additive Vessels, Compartmental tanks 9 Nos. Vertical Storage Tanks (various sizes), 16 Nos. of Base oil Vessels (various capacities), 6nos. of Additive vessels, ranging from 5Mts Dia. X 14Mts High to 15Mts. Dia. X 18Mts High, 14 Homogeneous vessels ranging from 2.7Mts Dia. X 7.5Mts High. to 4.250Mts Dia. X 9Mts High, including utility piping, structural works for pipe racks and walk ways, equipment erection and firefighting system, pump supply, Truck loading Bay with associated facilities including Civil, structural and E&I works. 75,000 Inch Dia Piping of Multiple Sizes and Thicknesses.

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